Medici wanted

So you would like to work and live in France ?

Let France welcome you ! Whether it is the countryside of Burgundy, Drôme, Dordogne and Provence, or the Atlantic coast, or perhaps you would prefer being in the Mediterranean, Languedoc, or in a city or near the mountains ?

Local and regional authorities, hospitals and clinics all over France call on Cabinet VANDERLEE aka « Werken in Frankrijk » (Working in France) in their search for medical staff who are willing to work in this beautiful country, which is called ‘the no1 holiday destination’ for a reason.


We are based in Burgundy, where we started our agency in 2006. Because of the excellent reputation of the medical staff we have recruted and the help we have given them, we now get requests from across the country.

In France, a lot of areas are facing a shortage of (para-)medical staff. Most French doctors choose to settle in the larger cities or on the coast. Most foreign medical staff, however, are attracted by areas where they can find a slower pace of life, some space and some respect.

« Our » medical staff are highly appreciated in France because of their excellent training and experience and their skills in communication. We often get more requests from areas where we have helped medical staff to settle and practice.

Since a few years we have more and more Greek doctors who want to come to French. You are free to contact them to hear how happy they are in their new country.

From our experience we can say that learning technical French is no problem, thanks to the intensive course in medical French provided by one of our partners (see below).

More than a hundred doctors have already found work through us, and they will be happy to share their experiences with you. There will often be the possibility to observe them for a day in their practice, so that you can really experience the difference between your present work and working in France.

Lefrancaisfaceaface, run by Emmanuelle ARNAUD. She sees to it that medical staff are able to speak French at an acceptable level on the day that they begin their work in ‘La Douce France’. These intensive training courses of one or two weeks are officially recognised by the French government.

On this website you will find many different medical job vacancies, but there are many more which are not listed here. Send us an e-mail with your specialism and the region that interests you and we will start looking for you.