I have been an ophthalmologist since 2001 and have been working at the MST in Enschede and Oldenzaal.
Already in 2010 I saw the health care industry in the Netherlands not going the way that would enable me as an ophthalmologist to deliver quality as I want. The care is not a market, at least not a commercial market. At the time I expected… Lees verder

After a career in surgery, which led me to Hoogeveen via Antwerp (where I had my training as a surgeon), my wife and I decided to settle in the beautiful Burgundy. The children were out of the house, working in the Netherlands was experienced as increasingly oppressive and then the request from Jan Vanderlee fell from the sky. Why do not you… Lees verder

Klazina van Zwol, company doctor: I have been working for 4,5 years as a company doctor in France. I work 1 on 1 with an assistant who takes a lot of administration off my hands. Delicious! The administrative pressure is in any case much lower than in the Netherlands. Received mail? Oh, after 3 days answers is also good.
Enormous job… Lees verder

After 20 years of living and working in Belgium, we still wanted to change location. I became an Anesthetist in Antwerp and then went through a nice career at the University Hospital Antwerp. Still, I wanted to work differently and preferably back to a smaller, well-organized structure. And that's how Autun came our way. A place on the… Lees verder

Rienk Visser is since this year a company doctor in Le Creusot, Burgundy. Satisfied with his guidance, he says:
"Jan has helped me in a great way to a new job and a new life in France." Without any obligation or commercial pressure he assisted, advised and supported me and let me use his networks. "I want to recommend Jan to everyone,… Lees verder

Almost two years ago I came to live in a French country town via Jan van der Lee to start an ENT practice in an existing clinic (with a Dutch colleague). Driven by the urge for "something else" and the escape from the increasingly uncomfortable working climate for a doctor in the Netherlands, I found the freedom I was looking for. Yes, you also… Lees verder

Rob Halewijn is the first Dutch general practitioner in the Nièvre (Burgundy). Since January 2010, Rob has been living and working in Tannay with his partner Linda. Having enough of the hectic in the Netherlands Rob and Linda sought the tranquility of the French countryside. Through our agency they have set up a practice in Tannay, a village in… Lees verder

Onno Dokkum, huisarts: Over m’n vlucht uit Nederland naar de Bourgogne (Morvan) zou ik ’n boek kunnen schrijven. Veel van mijn Nederlandse collega’s zijn inmiddels zelf patiënt geworden. Om de welbekende redenen.
Ik prefereer liever ’n verhaal met een happy-end. En ga weer met plezier naar m’n werk toe. Mijn specialiteit oogheelkunde komt… Lees verder

"Working, physiotherapist, France" ...
I typed these words into Google last year after we had brainstormed a few evenings. We had already extensively put on paper which way we wanted with our life in the future and we wanted to add words to word. That is how the ball began to roll through
The couple… Lees verder