The procedure

Emigrating is not something you can achieve within a couple of weeks. It demands thorough preparation and the whole process could take six months or more. So, what is involved in this process and in what way can we be of assistance ?

After a few e-mail exchanges or telephone conversations in which we can get acquainted with each other and discuss your motivation, your plans and your starting point, we will propose one or more of the job opportunities that we have selected as appropriate for you.


Your first contact with management or medical staff will be made by means of Skype. We will particpate in this Skype conversation in order to guide the process. Skype offers an attractive way to create a first introduction to your potential new work environment.

If this meeting is satisfactory for both sides, an actual visit will follow, during which one of our professionals will always be present.

When you have chosen your new work environment, we will examine the business details and discuss the possible nature of the (partnership) contract to be signed.

In the meanwhile, we will initiate the process of checking your medical record and contacting the adressess provided by you for references.

Finally, you will need to register with the ‘Ordre des Médecins’. We will provide you with a checklist of all necessary documents, as well as a sworn translator who will translate your documents into French.

When the dossier is complete, it will be sent to the Ordre. Oncethe dossier is received and approved, the Ordre will invite you to an introductory meeting with their chairman.

Meanwhile, you can start looking for your new home, an insurance company, a bank and, if applicable, a school for your children.

To help you to brush up on your French and on the technical vocabulary of your profession, we work with Emmanuelle Arnaud-Quettier, a French teacher who is specialised in intensive training for medical French (