General practitioner in Tonnerre (possibly in paid employment)

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general practitioner wanted in Tonnerre

Tonnerre in the North of Burgundy,  situated at the Canal de Bourgogne is looking for a new doctor in the Maison de la Santé.

tonnerre zoekt huisartsThere is a building available where various para-medics work. A secretary is provided.
Tonnerre is a country town with a long history, surrounded by Burgundian vineyards (Epineuil).
4800 people live there.

Tonnerre appeared in Roman times under the name Tornodurum, 'fortress' for the Lingons. Here, in the valley of Armançon, the county of Tonnerre was created, which served as a passage square between Paris and Dijon, at the time when the king of France had plans for the Duchy of Burgundy.